Between the Tea and the Toast

I'm sickened by violence, disgusted by killin'. My heroes are Lennon, Marley & Dylan.


Roaming my waking dreams, ignorant of my pain.
Hauntingly beautiful, needed all the same.
Idealised perfection, she holds it in her sway
My own deception, the cause of my estrange.

Self-inhibited causation, my subsequent dismay
Repeated questions and vague answers.
Why do I stay silent?
Why can’t I answer?

I’ve given my all, yet I lie
My all walks hand in hand with my fall.
For to lose what we’ve gained
There can be no greater pain.

Intertwined, they rise and they fall.
One made visible by darkness
Hidden by Neptune’s reflection, he weeps unseen

Her death results in his rise.
Her resurrection, his fall.
How hard do they try? How hard do they fail?

Their union is beautiful, yet all too brief.
Gone without a trace, ‘til next they meet.

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Experiences are made great by the people we share them with. Suddenly I find my own half as bright. Dimmed by my self-imposed ex-communication. Shattered beyond reclaim by a breath of stupidity.
I live and I experience little in the face of our growing divide. Desperate re-bridging attempts made futile by the magnitude of the situation. Perhaps I’ll just wait.

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I would love camping if I had this set-up.

I would love camping if I had this set-up.

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Tea with Gramps.